Vision Planning

What is Vision Planning?
Vision Planning is not about architectural's about exploring options.... gathering ideas.... taking inventory.... assessing needs.... charting a course.... taking action....gathering support.... building unity.... before you hire an architect....before you talk to a builder........
Are you asking questions like these?
"Do we really need to build?.... should we move or stay at our present site?.... How much can we afford to spend?.... how can we unify our leadership and congregation?"
The Vision Planning process will answer these and other questions. Since 1980, we have been helping churches think through and plan facilites that will meet their immediate and long-range vision goals....setting a course and building unity.
One pastor said, "We have to build unity before we can build a facility" So often, churches begin with a floor plan rather than a ministry plan. Our process will assure the facilities you build will be tailored to your ministry and fit your immediate ann long-range space needs, avoiding costly mistakes, poor use of space, and land.
"Taking the extra time to plan was the wisest , and in the long run, the most economical step we could have taken..... and we became unified and excited about our future...."
Components of the Vision Planning process:
  • information-gathering
  • leadership input-leadership
  • "Roundtable" meetings
  • confirming ministry objectives
  • growth studies-past & future
  • financial capability studies
  • project budget forecasting
  • existing site evaluation
  • existing facilities evaluation
  • long-range master planning & mapping
  • written summaries of finding
  • space planning and layouts 
  • recommendations & options
  • congregational "Townmeetings" & updates

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