Strategy Mapping

The ministry God places on each church is unique and specific. It is the responsibility of the leadership to understand and implement that ministry. We call this planning.......strategy mapping.
New Day Church Consultants does not dictate ministry, however we often find ourselves in a position where we are challenging  churches to organize,  verbalize,  and write down what they believe God is calling them to do and the goals and objectives He has for their congregation.
While there are many reasons for a church to go through this process, the one area that relates to our firm's services has to do with space needs that will emerge from defining the ministry targets and goals for specific ministries.
As we work through this initial process, the church has dealt with foundational ministry issues which will allow New Day Church Consultants  to begin space needs evaluations and to make specific proposals in response to those needs. Our reports will begin with these stated objectives as we begin to map out space and facility strategies to accommodate the stated vision and ministry objectives.

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