Vision Casting

"Write the vision and make it plain" Habakkuk 2:2
 The prophet Habakkuk understood the value of effective communication with God's people. Today, communicating effectively with the congregation  during a building program is critical to the success of the project. People take "ownership" in what they understand and envision. The term "vision-casting" has become a popular term to express this concept.
When choosing professionals, it is critical to choose a firm who understands this principle. Make sure they not only grasp the concept but have the tools to effectively carry out effective congregational communication.
Our firm provides strong graphic support and effective communication in keeping the congregation informed as the planning process unfolds.....the information flow and on-going dialogue that makes all the difference in establishing congregational support for your project.....
...."Townmeetings"....congregational illustrations....renderings...."character studies"....scale models..
  • creates partnership and ownership
  • demonstrates solid planning from leadership
  • generates excitement
  • creates the mindset for financial support
character study-a relocating South Carolina congregation

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