Balancing Space Needs & Financial Resources

balancing space needs 
& financial resources
"Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Will he not first sit down
and estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it?"
Luke 14:28
The Vision Planning process MUST include
a realistic understanding of the project costs
and the alignment of these costs with the financial capability
 of the church......God will provide ALL the resources the church
will need to carry out His perfect will in your building program.
So many times, churches begin the planning process of getting their dream on paper, then later discover that there was little or no serious thought given to the possible project costs or what the church could afford. This typically leads to loss of confidence on the part of the congregation, confusion and even dis-unity and adds needless additional hours and dollars to the planning process.
We at New Day believe there is a better way. In the the same time we begin to explore space needs, we will lead the church in a realistic understanding of their financial capability. This foundational information will allow us to have an understanding of what we can and cannot do, from a financial point of view, right from the planning process, .
We believe this is scriptural. We understand there is faith too. There will always be an element of faith. However, faith must be blended and balanced with fiscal accountability, just as Luke 14:28  reminds us. Remember....God can and will provide all the resources needed.....our task is be be sure we understand what it is He is saying to the church.
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Vision Planning.....a better way....     


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