Capital Funding

.....Is this your church?.....
"We need funds for our new building but we don't want to pay the kinds of fees most firms charge....yet we need professional help"
New Day Dawning is six week, low-key, prayer-centered capital funding program offering the best of both worlds. Since 1991 we have helped churches raise funds without the pressure and the higher fees often associated with fund raising professionals. We offer a totally unique that allows you to have the advantage of having professional consultants working along side your funding team in a time-proven strategy, using the skills and talents of people in your own congregation.
We participate and counsel you in the assembling your team, providing all the resources, tools, training, and guidance needed to have a successful funding campaign. overview of the program....

assembling the

executive planning session

general orientation session

personal communications team training session

organizing for staying on track checklists... calendars... count-down lists, organization charts... training programs...

promotions resources... printable materials templates-customized to your church: letters and letterhead formats... brochures... commitment cards... celebration event invitations ans RSVP cards... website ideas...

preaching & teaching resources

follow-up monitoring

commitment renewal program

furnishings and special gifts program

low key





"Our funding team discovered gifts and talents they never knew they posessed".........
"Our congregation became unified and excited about our future...."
"I would have never guessed we had those kinds of financial resources in our congregation!...."
When I stepped out...making my faith promise commitment, God immediately increased my income....the exact amount I commited!..."
God has already given the church everything she needs in order to grow

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