Vision Planning Questions often asked:
How are your fees structured?
We work on a flat fee structure and that is calculated on which service you choose and the amount of work your project would require.
What are the fees for your services?
Our fees are some of the most affordable in this field.  Once we understand your situation and needs we will be able to give you an exact figure.  Typically our fee for Vision Planning or Capital Funding will be well under $10,000 for each service
How will your services affect our architect's fees?
Most architects will acknowledge the planning work we have done and often make adjustments in their fee structure.
Why do we need your services in addition to architectural services?
There are many talented and experienced architects who are qualified to serve your project but often lack experience in working with churches and understanding your ministry needs. We recognized that our skills are God given and since 1980 we have exclusively committed those skills, talents and lives in helping church plan facilities that will best accommodate their immediate and long range ministry goals.  NEW DAY provides a bridge of understanding between you and your architect.  We communicate your specific ministry needs in architecture and design.  We evaluate and recommend square footage requirements for your specific types of ministry, programs and activities.  These are not often understood by architects.  Also churches may need to explore options for the best use of existing space before determining how much new space will be needed.  One important issue that goes beyond the physical structure in a church building program and can often be overlooked is the "people factor".  It is vital to effectively communicate the proposed plan with the people, starting with leadership and transferring to the congregation at large.
The above mentioned areas are not usually a part of an architects skill set.
A Texas pastor, who has planted numerous churches and whose own church has thousands in attendance made this comment at the end of one our seminars.  "The architect is not the first person you should call."
Is it worth the time and investment to do Vision Planning?
One of our clients put it best...."Doing Vision Planning with New Day was the best money we could have spent."  Just master mapping your site alone could save you thousands of dollars by ensuring the best placement of buildings and parking bother now and in the future.  Larry was interviewed by Ministries Today magazine for an article they wrote entitled Ten Mistakes to Avoid Before You Build, he stated that "Churches are the biggest 'tearer-uppers' of asphalt in the country.  Many parking lots have to be taken up to make room for expansion.  If there had been some master planning before the first building was built, then parking lots would have been in the proper place from the beginning."
Capital Funding Questions often asked:
Do we really need a Capital Funding Campaign?
It is a rare exception for the church to have the needed funds or cash flow to service debt for their new building project.  A capital funding campaign will also indicate the level of support on the part of the congregation toward the building project.  Likewise lenders respond more favorably when they see the success of a Capital Funding Campaign.
Can we do a Capital Funding Campaign on our own?
While most churches will have qualified people to conduct a funding campaign, there is usually a lack of experience. New Day will use your own church people and train them using proven techniques.
Is it expensive to use your capital funding services?
Our fees are considerably less expensive then most professional funding services.  Several factors contribute to this: a) we are not a large, high overhead organization,
b) we offer a variety of services that compose  our income base so funding is not our only source, c) We train your funding team to conduct the campaign rather than doing it ourselves.
How active or visible will you be to the church?
Our visibility usually depends upon the preference of the church leadership.  Our meetings and activities can  be limited to just  the leadership but we also make ourselves available for congregational presentations.  We are always available to assist you by phone or email until your campaign is complete.
How do lenders view capital fundraising in evaluating our ability to borrow? 
Lenders typically look at your ability to service debt by looking at your last 12 months income.  A capital campaign will significantly increase your income, resulting in a much more positive response on the part of the lender.

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